Removes Valve Deposits and Improves Driveability

Gas Treatment

Forté Gas Treatment has been specifically formulated to combat drivability concerns caused by contamination and the adverse effects of fuel degradation.

Forté Gas Treatment cleans and lubricates the pre- and post-combustion areas of the fuel system and removes valve deposits. The treatment is completely safe with all fuel system components and compatible with catalytic converters, oxygen sensors and direct injection systems.

Forté Gas Treatment offers the following benefits:
  • Improves combustion and engine performance.
  • Removes carbon and lacquer deposits on valve discs, in combustion chambers, in piston ring grooves and on lambda probes
  • Cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system
  • Provides upper cylinder lubrication and lubricates the injectors
  • Prevents ageing of petrol and neutralises noxious acids which are generated in the tank
  • Reduces soiling of the inlet manifold and lambda probes
  • Optimises fuel consumption and ensures cleaner exhaust gases

Forté Gas Treatment is compatible with all types of petrol, up to E10.

Forté recommends using Forté Gas Treatment at every service, so that the engine stays clean and performs optimally.

Clean Engines perform better!