Innovation through passion

Who We Are?

Trade X International FZC is the exclusive distributor of FORTE products in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, and CIS countries. We are engaged in providing superior oil additive products and consumables which are environmentally friendly and cost effective to the motor trade industry.

World petroleum product markets are undergoing unprecedented changes and the next decade will create an entirely new global business platform .This new business environment is pivotal for developing progress and change for the regions automotive industry.

Located in the United Arab Emirates, Trade X International FZC is under the management of some of Dubai’s most experienced and successful business experts.

Effective research and knowledge, our quality conscious products have taken the lead in the region and have become one of the most successful additive distribution point in this industry sector.

Forte History

In 1955 Forte revolutionized the oil additive market with its innovative products. Since then it has led the way in developing more efficient products for car, marine and mining industries through aggressive R and D methods, resulting in a worldwide recognized name, forte. Through the appointment of Trade X International, the global distribution of FORTE products now spans across the USA, Canada, UK, China, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Cypress and the Middle East.

Through extensive R&D, we design additives specifically blended for combustion engines and other components of motor vehicles where the product is required and utilized. This has proven to result in better performing and cleaner cars and smooth running mechanical components.

Forte was acquired by ITW a Fortune 200 companies in 2008 due to its strong and stable growth in the automotive sector.

Quality Assurance

Through extensive R & D, we design additives which are beneficial to combustion engines and other components of motor vehicles where the product is applied or used, resulting in better performing and cleaner, smooth running mechanical components.

We use the highest quality raw materials in our additives and oils to meet all OEM manufacturers’ standard.

Packaging material and finished products are tested to the highest standards and recorded under ISO 9001:2000 for which we are accredited.

Our additives are designed to solve a broad spectrum of problems encountered in the automotive industry worldwide. We design particular products for specific problems in some distribution countries where there is need for more advanced solutions.

Through ongoing research and examination of the technology in the market we ensure to keep our additives compatible even in the most recently produced motor vehicles, maintaining all necessary properties and benefits for older vehicles

Our competent laboratory team consists of experienced scientists and chemists from different parts of the World, are supervising the automated bottling and blending procedure in our plant and is improving or adjusting our additive products to the latest conceptions of the Automotive industry.