Superior Fuel System Cleaning

Fuel System Cleaner

Forté Fuel System Cleaner is a complex blend of specially selected cleaning agents which act together to dissolve deposits that are formed in fuel systems which restrict the efficient delivery of fuel to the combustion chambers.

Forté Fuel System Cleaner will provide the following benefits to all petrol engines:
  • Remove injector deposits to restore fuel flow
  • Reduce exhaust emissions
  • Improve fuel economy and overall engine performance
  • Neutralises acids and dissolve lacquers from the fuel system
  • Neutralises the effect of moisture on combustion efficiency.
  • Stabilizes alcohol-blended & unleaded petrol
  • Reduces exhaust emission levels & sulphur odor from catalytic converters.

Forté Fuel System Cleaner is compatible with all fuel system and engine components, including lambda sensors and catalytic converters.

Forté Fuel System Cleaner should be used at regular service intervals or whenever symptoms indicate that treatment is necessary.